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Artificial intelligence softwares and their uses in the tourism and hospitality industry

Write about artificial intelligence software and their uses in the tourism and hospitality industry. The applications of Artificial Intelligence are now days increasing and mainly in developed countries. It has become such a mainstay in today’s world that it is taken for granted by the majority of people who benefit from its efficiency. Large financial and insurance institutions rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence to process the large quantities of information that are fundamental to their business duties and practices. Artificial intelligence has also been recognised to contribute to a great importance in hospitality management in different ways such as, Electronic door system and alarm systems, Speech recognition, Reservation systems, Neural networks, in the business networks in the travel industry and others discussed in the paper.

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Table of contents

2.1 In the business networks in the travel industry
2.2 Neural networks
2.3 Reservation systems
2.4 Speech recognition.
2.5 Safes
2.6 Electronic door system and alarm systems
2.7 Control system
2.9 Auto-pilot in planes.
2.8 Heuristic classification.

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What is artificial intelligence? It refers to that capability of the computer to remember information kept in its memory and process it giving what is required just like a human being it involves any machine implementation of a task that would be ...

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2.9Auto-pilot in planes.
Transport being a key point in the hospitality industry travel by air is a critical mode of transport .autopilot is a computer application that ensures that an air craft maintains its course speed and its fuel consumption to required levels hence a vital component in the air travel industry.
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Princess R.

This research stuff declares a good news in both the world of technology and tourism. No doubt technology and progress can work hand in hand without conflict.

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