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Poor children dissuasion

Are poor children dissuaded from continuing their education between ages 16 and 21 for financial reasons? How should universities be funded to produce high quality education and participation among those from all social backgrounds

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Table of contents

Page 1 -Introduction
Page 2-Economic model
Page 3-5-Theory and evidence
Page 6-Conclusion

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To answer these questions it will be necessary to look at economic theory behind education and the benefits as well as the costs of education at the micro level. Also it will be necessary to consider what policies with regards to university funding could be adopted in order to help improve both the quality and participation rates among students from all social backgrounds. These various policies have various effects on the levels of equity and efficiency of higher education and these issues will be considered using evidence from some ...

... current system in the UK has been a significant improvement on previous systems and reforms introduced in 2004 have addressed the issues of equity and efficiency quite well. The problem with higher education is that it is not a competitive market as the product here is not homogenous in nature so there is potential for there to be some universities more heavily in demand then others hence able to charge significantly higher fees to their students if we adopt a free market policy for higher education. The heterogeneity also makes it more difficult to measure and compare quality between universities.
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This essay presents a commonplace but still interesting discussion.

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