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EU Energy Policies

This powerpoint presentation tries to summarize the european energy policies from beggining of the European Union.

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Table of contents

What is Energy Policy? – History
The Single Market
Electricity Market
Gas Market
Coal & Fossil Fuels
Nuclear Energy
Biofuel Market
Annex – Gross Internal Consumption

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The historical evolution The importance of Energy sector to the EU is best illustrated by the fact that 2 of 3 treaties that EC is based on are related to energy.   1951 – Treaty of Paris by which the ECSC was created – it reflected the dominance of the coal in energy balance of member states (as well as a role of the steel industry),.   1957 – Treaty of Rome by which the Euroatom was created – concerned with cooperation in the development of civil nuclear power, back then perceived as a major future source of energy.   Both treaties aimed at creation of free and integrated markets; ECSC by abolish trade barriers and controlling cartels and subsidies, Euroatom covered the nuclear products.   In addition, other energy sectors were addressed in EEC.  However, as common, the outcome was different from what was designed From the late 1960s onwards, the appropriate measures were centered around the single objective of ensuring the security of energy supply. This approach had its zenith in 1986 ...

... of supply. Although room for maneuver is limited, two avenues can be explored. First of all, if only because it is an attractive market, the European Union can negotiate a strategic partnership with its supplier countries in order to improve security of supply. It has begun to do this with the Russian Federation by offering it aid to improve its transport networks and develop new technologies within a political framework that could stabilize supply and guarantee investment. Secondly, the European Union must focus particular attention on generating financial aid for renewable sources of energy which, in the very long term, are the most promising in terms of diversification of supplies. Nonetheless, the European Union will only reduce its external energy dependence through a determined policy of demand management. This policy of demand management is all the more necessary in that it is the only way of meeting the challenge of climate change.
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Princess R.

I can fairly say that one of the best policies in energy in the entire world are those of the European Union countries. They also have one of the best environmental laws in the land.

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