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Archaelogical Discovery

This essay is about a leisure trip my friends and I set out on. We go to the Maldives islands. While taking up one of the adventure activities-scuba diving I discover a submarine which contained Russian Tsar Nicholas' jewels.I carried the chest loaded with jewels along with me back to my resort. I went to the town library and learnt that this submarine belonged to the Russian Tsar Nicholas'. The submarine had sunk and the chest remained inside. I inform the government and they reward me. This is the summary of my essay hope you enjoy!

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It was the 8th of May, 2006, and my friends and I have gone on a leisure trip to the glorious Maldives islands. The sun was shining down upon ...

... extent of damage they caused. This influenced me to want to join the peace-keeping forces of the United Nations. This has made me a richer and better human being.
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eleanor g.

Is this a fiction or a fact?

Benjamin I.

...if this be true, then it is a serendipity in action. I wonder if what would happen if I were in your shoes that time! It is gonna be a mind-sweeping experience perhaps. Good for you, anyways, brother!

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