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Industrial Development

This essay centers on the broad topics as industrial development. Among others discussed in this essay are the requirements of change for the industrialization process, small-scale industries, non-factory industries, and occupational dualism in home industries, policy for industrial development, industrial promotion and economic development.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Required Change for Industrialized 1
The Small-Scale Industry in Development 2
Dispersed Ownership of Small-scale Industries 2
Non-factory Industries 3
Occupational Dualism in Home Industries 4
Transformation of Home Industries 5
Opportunities for Small-scale Industries 7
Transformation of Industries 8
Small and Large-Scale Industry Complementation 10
Strategy for Decentralized Industrialization 11
Policy for Industrial Development 13
Pitfalls of Industrial Development Policy 13
Industrial Promotion and Economic development 15
Bibliography 18

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Industrial Development Introduction I will discuss in this paper the different dimensions and angles of the topic pertinent to industrial development. The topics are arranged in such a manner as the reader would be able to get comprehensive ideas on industrial development which include but not limited to the requirement of change for the industrialization process, small-scale industries, non- factory industries, and occupational dualism in home industries, policy for industrial development, industrial promotion and economic development. Required Change for Industrialization For a country to become industrialized, that country must go through dynamic changes in the use of machinery. These changes will technically alter the orientation and structure of the economy. The family as a production unit as the owner of the productive resources must alter the business organization for a more flexible use of the labor force .The family business that is run and owned by its members, whether as proprietorship, partnership or corporation, will have to deal with manager and technologist who are professionally better than they are to apply the technology in production. This means that highly capable individual will become managers and part owner of what used to be ...

... from the large cities. This means rural industrialization or the formation urban industrial estates with countryside areas between them. The scheme would results in the breaking down of rural traditional-industrial areas between the growth centers. Where dispersal of industries was a major problem the past, the situation between altered by improved transport facilities. In additions, the very large cities are creating their own diseconomies connected with congestion, pollution, garbage piling, snarled traffic and incidence of fires (Porter, 1990).
7. Domestic ownership of industries. An important goal in development is to place the ownership of industries in the hands of the country’s own nationals. The role of small-scale industry in promoting wider ownership of industry by the native population makes it an instrument to combat colonialism even while the country opens its doors to foreign investors in the large-scale industries. Even the entry of foreign investors to the large-scale industries will depend on the existence of small-scale service industries, which the large firms would want to provide to them such services as tool sharpening, machine tolling of factory spare parts, electrical rewinding and industrial waste disposal. By this, it becomes clear that foreign investments will generate domestic capital formation and ownership of small scale industries.
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Princess R.

Industrial development has brought about great changes in the society. The essay has great discussion in this paper.

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