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Industrial Applications of Psychology

This essay discusses the different manifestations of industrial applications of psychology such as equipment design, man-machine system, displays and controls, fatigue and work efficiency and the like.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Design of Equipment 1
Study of Man-Machine System 1
Displays 2
Controls 2
Fatigue and Work Efficiency 3
Efficiency in Work Methods 5
Work Environment 6
Accidents 6
Recapitulation 7
References 7

Preview of the essay: Industrial Applications of Psychology

Industrial Applications of Psychology Introduction There are many areas of application of psychological techniques and findings of basic research. In industry, in addition to areas of employee selection, job satisfaction, management and supervision of employees, salesmanship, and advertising, study has been made of the design of equipment (human factors engineering), fatigue and work efficiency. This paper is aimed at discussing the different applications of psychology in the industry. Design of Equipment When engineers and psychologists cooperate in the design of items planned for human use, attributes of both men and machinery as well as of the environment may be taken into consideration. Such consideration makes it more likely that the resulting machinery may be run with maximum, output efficiency and minimum accident occurrences. This field of applied ...

... processes and factors influencing recovery from fatigue have been studied. Muscular fatigue, fatigue during complex industrial processes have been studied. Work curves have been constructed and studied. Rest periods have been found to be especially valuable before extreme fatigue occurs. Length of workday and workweek has been studied.
Time-and –Motion studies may result in greater output with less wasted effort and may be used in areas such as accident prevention and reduction of waste.
Various aspects of the work environment may influence work output by affecting a worker’s moral and motivation or his physical ability to perform his work.
Definition of accident, its relation to safety causes and reduction of accidents were also studied.
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Humanistic Studies
Organizational Psychology
Benjamin I.

Psychology has massive applications. In this essay we have learned how knowledge in industrial psychology could be utilized in technological processes. I have learned some things which I regarded as new knowledge to me in this essay. The writer must have a great background in industrial psychology.

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