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How is Mars!

How is Mars! This question arises in most of the minds. But the answers are sometimes captivating. The temperature of Mars is the main hurdle for the sustenence of living organisms. Read and enjoy!

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MARS WAS NEVER WARM ENOUGH TO SUPPORT LIFE A study of meteorites chipped off the surface of Mars suggest the planet has been frozen for 4 billion years ...

... isolated water in geothermal springs for long periods of time, but suggest instead that there haven’t been large areas of free- standing water for 4 billion years,” Schuster said.
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Natural Sciences
Gisele C.

Several attempts have been made already as to the possibility of life in mars, but not enough evidence have been presented. Until now...what could that mean?

Benjamin I.

Mars is a wonderful night. I just wonder if there lived some creatures there thousands of years ago because of some traces of possibility of life.

Princess R.

A bit short. It could have been better if written a it longer.

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