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Investigating an Braking System

Investigation of the Braking System, with focus on the drum brake. It will look at parts of a drum brake, the role and development of the drum brake and the working mechanisms and the use of drum brakes.

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Investigating an Braking System Introduction The report examines the braking system of the drum brake and investigates the components and materials used. The aim of this report is to research and record detail of materials and components in the drum brake. The analysis section concerns identification of materials and components in the braking system. The results section shows parts of the drum brake.. The conclusion explains ...

... must be taken not to inhale any dust present in the brake assembly. The United States Federal Government began to regulate asbestos production, and brake manufacturers had to switch to non-asbestos linings. Owners initially complained of poor braking with the replacements; however, technology eventually advanced to compensate. A majority of daily-driven older vehicles have been fitted with asbestos-free linings. Many other countries also limit the use of asbestos in brakes.
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