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What Constitutes Literary Creativity?

Different modes of creativity have been discussed in detail in the two texts e301 and the choice of P.G.Wodehouse and Shakespeare has been the result of a desire to be safe than sorry, since it is easier to identify and fit in the standards set by Carter , Cook, Cameron, Deborah Tunner and so on , in these established and renowned creative pieces.

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Table of contents

1. Degrees of literariness.
2  Examples of literary creativity, devices.
3. Exemplification from Shakespeare’s play.
4. Exemplification from the short story
5. Conclusion.

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Let us take an imaginary conversation between two people. A: what a revelation! I never knew this! B: what are you talking about? A: Do you know when I was reading “Jane Eyre” the other day I was struck by the similarity of circumstances in Jane’s early life and the childhood of Juliet. B: who is Juliet? I have not heard of any friend of yours named Juliet. A: she is the heroine of one of my favorite Mills and Boon novels ‘A Man to be feared ‘by Anne Hampson. B: What!! Mills and Boon!! What trash! Milk and boobs – more like it. A: Hey! Don’t condemn it like that. It is only less literary or more literary and you should not see it as ...

... perceived from the cognitive model?—it talks about the effect on the reader’s mind. A student of literature can bring a new stipulation and say that what is more difficult to comprehend and interpret is more literary. In this context Shakespeare would naturally ace the race. However if one has to pronounce judgement on the degrees of creativity , it is dicey because there are as many perceptions as there are thought-processes and as many thought-processes as there are individuals.
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