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Natural Radioactivity and Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation

Radioactivity is a nuclear phenomenon. It is spontaneous. Heat, light, pressure, electric field, magnetic fjield even chemical reaction cando little to affect it. Because of radioactivity, transmutation of an element occurs. Radioactive rays alpha, beta and gamma get released during radioactivity. the essay deals with natural radioactivity, its history and properties and uses of alpha, beta and gamma rays.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. History of radioactivity
3. Radiation from radioactive substances
4. Characteristics of alpha rays
5. Characteristics of beta rays
6. Characteristics of gamma particles
7. Conclusion

Preview of the essay: Natural Radioactivity and Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation

Natural Radioactivity and Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation Introduction: A spontaneous nuclear phenomenon where the nucleus of an element of high atomic number spontaneously breaks apart to form the nucleus of alpha lighter element and thereby emitting charged or uncharged sub nuclear particles or rays, is called radioactivity. Radioactivity is a concept of modern physics. There are some general characteristics of radioactivity; they are – radioactivity is basically found in elements having mass number greater than 210. Radioactivity rays affect photographic plate; heat, light magnetic field, electric field have no effect on radioactivity. Even chemical reaction can not do anything to perturb radioactivity. Hence scientists ...

... directly linked to humanity as this is the future of treatment of deadly diseases like cancers. So far natural radioactivity has been described in the essay and it should be noted that 21st century scientists have more control over radioactivity as they have discovered artificial radioactivity. Using radioactivity today we can calculate the age of our beloved earth and its central temperature as well. Radioactivity is a common mode of application in modern medical technology. In airports, tube rails radioactivity is used as a very useful mode of security. Thus radioactivity, in other sense, is serving the modern world.
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Natural Sciences
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Benjamin I.

The approach of explanation is too technical. Sometimes technical concepts in science could be explained in layman's term without sounding too nerdy. Hawking's work is classic example.

Princess R.

This is a bit interesting! I got interested on the author's discussion.

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