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The Role of Government in Development: A Working Paper

A working paper on the developmental planning and machinery of the government, developmental policies, the build-operate transfer scheme as a way to encourage investment and support developmental thrusts, etc.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
The Central Planning Authority 3
The Government Budget 4
The Government in Business 5
Government Organization of Development 5
Access to Varied Financing Resources 6
Build-Operate-Transfer Scheme 7
When Must Infrastructure Be Provided? 8
Consistency of Development Policy 9
Economic Monitoring by Government 10
Public Benefit View of Development 10
Politics of Growth and Development 11
A Lesson from Italy 12
Privatization and Development 12
Summary 13
Bibliography 16

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As the single biggest spender and consumer, the government of any country is in a position to influence operation of the economic system and it does. More than this, the government takes charge of setting in place the national development plan, as well as approve the enabling laws, orders, ordinances and memoranda that promote and regulate movements in the economy. In a country where a strong social philosophy permeates the economic system, government involvement in business is so evident that economic development seems to depend mostly on government rather than on private business initiative. A diminished role of government in economic activities is strongly advocated by those who believe in laissez faire, which have even seen government to be growing so much in its concern as to encroach on private business. This sector has cried out for liberalized policy by saying that for economic and social development, the best that government should do is to govern ...

... belief that state ownership is a significant determinant of enterprise performance. Privatization works better when it is a part of a larger reform program that improves business than when this is merely an experiment on the part of the government.

Public debt can hinder the development of a certain country and there is a need for them to use a debt cap. Debt cap is the limiting of public debt to a certain percentage of the earnings from foreign trade. But when our country reaches the point that it can pay only a small part of the public debts principal and interest even a debt cap by that time will be little usefulness to the cause of development.

The development of a country greatly depends on the government, on how it manages and controls its economy and how it handles public debt. However, it also depends on how the government and the people work together for a good relationship between the government and the people brings faster development to a nation.
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