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Private Enterprise and Development

This is a discussion of the different forms of private enterprise, the relationship of private enterprise with technology, communication, taxation, international trade, etc.

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Table of contents

The Private Enterprise as Employer and Consumer 3
Private Enterprise and International Trade 4
Private Enterprise and Technology 5
Taxation and the Private Enterprise 6
Communication and Private Enterprise 6
Housing and Private Enterprise 6
The Agri-Business Enterprise 7
Education and Private Enterprise 7
Morality in Private Business 8
Consumerism and Development 9
Sources 9

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In a market economy, where the role of government is not as wide and far- reaching as in a command economy, the role of private enterprise is so large that its failure to grow means severe economic setback and its boom means economic growth. So important is the place of private enterprise in democratic capitalism that the stock market trading and the market sales volume virtually become the barometer for the economic climate of the country. Ali Mansoor, The Budgetary Impact of Privatization PRIVATE ENTERPRISE AND DEVELOPMENT Capital is the central factor in the development of the developing country according to many development economists. This is because what the developing country lacks most in its effort to grow is capital. As a country moves away from tool and labor oriented production in order to increase productivity in the course of its development, the use of more capital for the acquisition of machines and equipment, which are also called capital goods has to take place. It is the same capital goods that will increase income for investors and laborers. Although development cannot be attained by merely pouring in capital for development, it is capital that opens the possibilities ...

... have organized themselves into a potent force. It is said that consumers can do much to influence private enterprise because they can do much to influence private enterprise because they can either go to court to boycott the business of offending firms to get their due.
In terms of growth and development, consumerism urges the private enterprise to produce quality goods and reduce production cost for bigger sales that can lead to larger production and more employment. Private enterprise reaction to consumerism in the domestic market has the effect of rendering their products comparable to the goods produced overseas and thus enables them to enter the export trade. Consumerism has branched out to other concerns like the environment by discouraging consumers from buying those products that are not environment friendly. This is a challenge to private enterprise but their response is definitely going to be the development of better products that will contribute to a better quality of life.
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