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Battered Women: A Fresher Look Into the Issue

Cases of women violence have been reported in several countries of the world, this essay is an explanation of domestic violence approached at certain perspectives.

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Table of contents

A Brief Background 1
Battered Women on a Surge 2
Pattern of Wife Abuse 3
The Abuser 5
Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationship 5
Organizations That Protect Women From Abuse 6
Stopping Women Abuse 7
Various Cases of Battered Women 8
Potential Wife Beater 10

Preview of the essay: Battered Women: A Fresher Look Into the Issue

BATTERED WOMEN: A FRESHER LOOK INTO THE ISSUE “To have and to hold… to love and to cherish… Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” A Brief Background The sentiments expressed in the two lines after the title of this article reflect the feelings of most people towards marriage, home and family – but not all. The surprising reality is that a lot of violence, bringing fear and pain is reported almost every day in the news papers about battered women across different countries in the world. A study conducted by a non-government organization reveals that an alarming number of married women experienced violence from their husbands and suffered emotional and physical violence. Because domestic violence is committed by a person who professes love for the victim, it is widely believed that the battered women suffer not only the physical or verbal pain inflicted on them but also a deep psychological and emotional effect of the abuse. It is observed that contrary to popular belief, perpetrators of domestic violence are usually not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time ...

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