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An Exposition on Kant's Perspectives on Man

Kant’s perspectives on human existence, human dignity, equality and human duty including his theory of knowledge in relation to man’s existence.

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The Dignity of Man 1
Comment on Equality of Person 2
Kant’s Theory of Knowledge 2
The Kingdom of Ends 4
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Anteprima della tesi: An Exposition on Kant's Perspectives on Man

“Two things fill the mind with ever and increasing admiration and awe, the oftener and the more steadily we think of them; the starry heavens above, and the moral law within,” Kant, Critique of Pure Reason An Exposition of Kant’s Perspectives on Man Introduction In this passage from his writings, Kant contemplated on two aspects of the natural law: the physical law reflected in the beauty of the starry skies, and the moral law within man, exemplified and manifested in the moral beauty, moral beauty is unseen by the senses, but is ...

... act in such wise as to will your action to become a universal law.
3) Act as a rational and free being from the pure sense of duty.

In such an ideal kingdom, there can be no conflicting claims and interest because everyone will truly treat his fellows as co-equals, as persons and ends in themselves. There are no superiors and inferiors. There is no need for laws or to make laws because the law is what everybody desires – their own good and happiness.
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