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Revisiting Abortion as a Bioethical Issue

The issue on abortion is not totally abandoned by other countries in the world. The morality of the act is still a subject of more and more controversies. This essay revisits the issue on abortion.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Human Beings are Distinct from Animals 1
Importance Must Include Life in the Womb 1
Abortion in Focus 2
Definition of Terms 2
Some historical Notes on Abortion 3
General Statement of the Abortion Problem 5
When Does Human Life Begin? 6
Arguments on Abortions: The Cons and Pros of the Issue 8
Arguments Against Abortion 8
Arguments For Abortion 13
The More Moderate Position on Abortion 18
Sources 22

Preview of the essay: Revisiting Abortion as a Bioethical Issue

For centuries Western culture and Christian in particular have to a view the sanctity of human life. In our society today, this view is beginning to erode into a quality-of-life standard. Where once we saw the disabled, the retarded, and the unborn as having a special place in God’s world, now we have moved into a position of judging only the quality of human life. No longer is life as such seen as sacred and worthy to be saved. Now it is seen as something to be judged and evaluated. If we arbitrarily feel that life is not worth living (that it will not be a quality life), then it is advisable to terminate it. The discussion of this essay begins with recognition that human life is sacred because we are created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:27). We must not place an arbitrary and standard of quality above God’s absolute standard of human value and worth. We live in a fallen world and have to make difficult choices about children born with various genetic defects but we make those ...

... special reason, such as serve misinformation of the conceptus, should be required to justify an abortion; and from viability onward, abortion should not be allowed except to save the life of the mother, which must be truly endangered by a continuation of the pregnancy.

These guidelines, Bok adds, do not in any way suggest that abortion can be morally justified for everyone. Doctors, nurses and prospective parent who feel that participation in an abortion would adversely affect their lives and their feelings are perfectly justified in refusing to have or perform an abortion at any stage in pregnancy, Generally, then, Bok’s suggestion could accurately be described as the “moderate” position as to when human life begins and, more importantly, when it has sufficient value to cause it to receive the same protection as already born life.
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