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Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion

"Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion" is the concept of modern physics. Fission corresponds to the destruction of a heavier nucleus whereas fusion is the coagulation of couple of lighter nuclei into a heavier nucleus. The essay is about the explanation of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion concepts and the future of the world.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Nuclear fission
3. Fission fragments
4. Release of energy in nuclear fission
5. The concept of chain reaction
6. Nuclear fusion
7. Energy released in nuclear fusion
8. Conditions of nuclear fusion
9. Energy of the sun and the stars
10. Conclusion

Preview of the essay: Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion Nature is full of wonders and wonders. One will really wonder to know that just a kg of uranium is enough to blow off an entire city and on the other hand is enough to provide nonstop electric supply to the city for months. The concepts of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion deal with such wondrous phenomena. And modern physics deals with the concepts of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Modern physics runs beyond people’s imagination. Today ‘nuclear fission and nuclear fusion’ is not the concept of modern physics only; it’s a concern for the 21st century as this might be the decider ...

... conversion of mass to energy than fission. Fission yields dangerous radioactive waste which fusion doesn’t. Moreover, fuels of fusion i.e. hydrogen, deuterium etc. are easily available in the sea while fission-fuel U-235 is not found in abundance. Well, scientists are striving hard to use fusion for mankind. But the problems they face are – I) high temperature production, II) the way of getting and storing energy from the reaction. But science will try, try and try. Finally, science should not be used for destruction, should be used as a way to survive. ________________
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