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Confucius Philosophy on Man

This essay revolves around the philosophy of Confucius on man. Confucius, an Oriental sage has an interesting philosophical view on the nature of man. He believes that man is the center of harmony and is instrumental in creating order and harmony in the society.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
From Pessimism to Optimism 1
Man: Center of Harmony 2
The Golden Rule from Springs from Justice 2
Self-Control 4
Passion and Happiness 4
Toward a Perfect Human Society 5
The Jen 6

Preview of the essay: Confucius Philosophy on Man

Confucius Philosophy on Man Introduction Confucius philosophy of life stands strikingly in sharp contrast with that of his co-oriental sage. To attain our destiny of happiness, we should have a living reality, a blessing, a natural priceless right and opportunity to be with our fellows, to work together for our common good. To Confucius, man’s perfection and happiness is realized and achieved in social life. According to Confucius “the life on the moral man is an exemplification of the universal moral order; the life of the vicious man is a contradiction there of.” Confucius’ philosophy is centered on: “Man is the center of harmony.” Man transcends in significance ...

... The Jen We order noted and enumerated the principle of justice as embodied in the golden role. Confucius justice and love always go together. Confucius and common sense tell us that justice is the application and distribution of love to our fellowmen. Love is at the very heart of the harmony of all things. Confucius defines love as the very blood and current of life of family and community life without which the family and the motion, withers any or break apart.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

Very remarkable. The structure of your essay is well-made. I can help but admire the presentation, particularly the inclusion of reflection, observation and is indeed a philosophical exercise.

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