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Man As Viewed by Aristotle

A brief discussion of the philosophical views and perspectives of the Greek philosopher Aristotle about man, which include among others his conception of perfection and happiness, theory of contemplation and the golden mean, etc.

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Table of contents

Mans Is Reason 1
Aristotle’s Theory of Contemplation 1
Man’s Perfection and Happiness 3
Happiness 3
The Ruler Should Be A Philosopher 4
Theory of the Golden Mean 4
Comment on the Theory of the Golden Mean 5
Critical Evaluation, Appreciation 6
Further Reflections on Aristotle’s Theory of the Golden Mean 6
References 7

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Man As Viewed by Aristotle Mans Is Reason Aristotle finds Plato’s concept of man too idealistic, and so he tempered Plato’s (his former teacher) idea of man with realism. Man is not pure mind or spirit as Plato taught man originally to be. Man, in his present earthly existence, is a composite nature of body and soul, mind and matter, sense and intellect, passion and reason. MAN AND REASON However, the specifically distinguishing attribute of man is his reason. It is reason that elevates man far over and above brute creation. It is reason that makes man resemble ...

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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

Aristotle has a good conception of man. Reason, no doubt, always serve as man's infinite goal to understand life's intricacy.

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