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Dark Mothers: African Origins and Godmothers Analysis

a history of the oldest divinity known in the world. the dark mothers of ancient africa, were once viewed equally and in many cases as more important than men in society. What happen to this view and why are women still not treated wqual to men in society??

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Preview of the essay: Dark Mothers: African Origins and Godmothers Analysis

Dark Mothers: African Origins and Godmothers Analysis The selection of which article I wanted to write this paper on was a very hard one. It was virtually impossible for me to make my mind up because as a young scholar, each of these articles significantly affected the way I view African history. The one thing that I have concluded after reading these articles is that the origin of humanity was in Africa. Also the concept of ancestry and spirituality was originated in Africa. Other ...

... time its black men who are degrading our black women. Ancient African civilizations respected women and treated them as equals but it seems those days are long gone. Also, I would like to know more information on common day cultures who still embrace the dark mother. The article touched on it briefly when it cited the Yoruba people but I’m sure there are more people who still embrace the dark mother. More information on the dark mother’s legacy in modern times would be great.
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