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Employee Relations and the Industry

Employee-employer relationship is an important aspect of any business operation. The management must regard its employees as its partner in improving the production, sale, etc. of the company. Employees, who negotiate through their union, are in turn entitled to certain benefits and privileges which the management should give on time to foster peaceful industrial relations. This essay centers on these points.

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Table of contents

Overview 1
Employee and Employer Relations 1
What Sound Employee Relations Can Do? 1
What Management Must Do 2
Ten Commandments of Employee Relations 4
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Employee Relations and the Industry Overview The subject of employee relations is as old as man. The present society of the United States and other progressive countries of the world is far removed from the serfdom of the Middle Ages, the slavery of ancient times, and the stone-age law that might made right, but they all had managers and workers, with attendant problems. Slavery was abolished in the United States more than a century ago. It was followed by an industrial ...

... 7. Encourage thrift. 8. Cooperate in social, athletic, and other recreational activities. 9. Accord to each employee the right to discuss freely with executives any matters concerning his or her welfare or the company’s interest. 10. Carry on the daily work in a spirit of friendliness.
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I guess this essay is disjointed. It forms part of a larger essay or the longer part of a shorter essay I have read previously entitled "employee relations"

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