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World depression of 1920s and its impacts in kenya

The essay is about the great depression of 1920s and how the depression impacted kenya. The essay starts by highlighting the causes of the depression, the african situation before the depression. It goes further to examine kenya in the pre-depression period and the kenya in the depression era. Lastly, the essay explains and widely describes the events that came up due to the depression period.

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Preview of the essay: World depression of 1920s and its impacts in kenya

48.0 Introduction The 1920s were years of revolutionary advance, which were characterized by the continuing contradictions between a mode of production based on European settler agriculture and that of African peasant production, which was typical of Kenya’s early colonial history, by the end of the decade, as at the beginning, European settler production, despite the failure of the settlers to capture real political power (through the control of the colonial state), enjoyed pride of place in so far as exports were concerned, but this did not lead to the complete stifling of African production. The 1920s would infact witness revolutionary changes in portions of the African inhabited regions of Kenya in the political and economic spheres. While these did not lead to the emergence of a large industrial proletariat, they would produce larger numbers of African migrant workers and a small petty-bourgeoisie, and lead to new forms of Africa protests. Yet, the colonial state was unwilling to adopt a posture which would unleash the social forces that might have further African societies. As a result, unequal development which had begun to emerge among and within the African regions of Kenya continued and was even magnified. [1] ...

... noted how labour consciousness had begun to develop among the urban workers by 1939. Other forms of political organizations which questioned tenets basic to the colonial state did not receive favourable response by the government. All political parties were banned in 1940 with the approach of the Italian invasion. The decade 1929-1938 had witnessed diverse and explosive changes. These were evident in the next decade.
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