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case study for Garcia v NAB

This is the case study for Business Law in Australia. We discuss the case Garcia v NAB. Also some questions appealed in the daily life.

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BTC 1110 Business Law Question (a) Advise Mr Robert Monageng Kereleng, BSc. of his rights, if any. Assume the events took place in Victoria rather than Botswana. Please refer to the common law and to the Australian Consumer Law. In regards to Robert Monageng Kereleng’s situation there are two major events that draw to attention, both of which raise several issues. The first event to be considered regards the event of the manager of the bottle shop and his actions in relation to the theft of the money from the shop. The second event to be considered is in regard to the relationship between Kereleng and Violet Sephotho and the ownership of the house. We will begin with discussing the first issue concerning the manager. Issue1: Whether there is an agency relationship between the manager and the plaintiff (Kereleng)? An agent is a person who has authority ...

... become a critical issue. To prevent any ‘unconscionable conduct’, the bank should take notice to whether the guarantor qualifies for any special disadvantages; for example, lack of education, age, etc. If the bank finds that there is a special disability within the guarantee or guarantor, the bank should avoid any proceedings that lead to misconduct; they are required to give enough notice to both parties, providing them with a careful and professional explanation in relation to obligations of the contract and also forewarn them of any future consequences that might occur. As an example, if the bank recognises the poor situation of the guarantee, the bank should provide this information to the guarantor.
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