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Leasing - is a form of rent distinct from a letting and hire. The term "lease" is derived from the English verb "to lease", which means "to hire", "to rent." There are several definitions of a lease.

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Preview of the essay: THE CONCEPT OF LEASING

Introduction The idea of ​​leasing is one of the oldest in the business world. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans thought about using someone’s property with getting the maximum benefit for themselves and the owner of it. At least the millennium was spent on comprehension of this productive idea, until, finally, the first law on leasing was passed (England, Wales 1284g.). The seeds sown centuries ago sprouted nowadays: starting with the second half of XX a fascinating leasing theory has rapidly transformed into quite attractive practice. I've chosen such kind of topic for my coursework because of it versatility and uncommonness. In modern economic turnover it is quite difficult to find a deal that combines a large number of economic and legal nuances together. What should be put at the first place: an economic interest or an economic and legal security and is it possible to combine these two concepts in practice? What kind of leasing is the most profitable, and is it possible to find a ...

... country and in the world. Belarusian banks can not create their own foreign exchange reserves, and the conversion of money through the stock market is not profitable for them and for their clients. Therefore it is necessary to acquire equipment abroad, as a rule, not too fresh – there is lack of money for buying a new one. Of course the development of leasing - is just one aspect of attracting foreign investments into the Belarusian economy. The industry can develop only in the presence of certain factors and prerequisites: political stability, constancy of government in economic reforms and real steps of their implement, etc. In my opinion the main problem of the Republic of Belarus is its inability to define clearly the priorities in foreign and domestic policy: Are we building a "civil-legal society, focused on universal human values" or "market socialism"? Socialism is socialism even in the Republic of Belarus. Although the international experience shows that the welfare of the nation is achieved by other means.
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