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Dorian Gray Critique

This paper critiques some of the main themes in the book The picture of Dorian Gray. It analyses some ideas to do with the concious and unconscious part of the mind and relates these themes to the studies of Freud.

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Oscar Wilde is widely regarded as one of the most discussed writers of all time. He is famous for his deep texts and smart use of his wit and quotes in discussing various topics. In his only ever published novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, he discuss various different topics, among them being the pursuit of pleasure in this life, but not just any type of pleasure, hedonistic pleasure to be more precise. It is clear to see that his involvement in the aesthetic movement heavily influenced his novel, as his use of issues related to decadence is widespread throughout the novel. While these issues are important, there is another side to the story that is often overlooked. There seems to be real sinister connotations in the novel, which will be explored in this paper. Specifically, the psyche and studies of Sigmund ...

... became consumed in the pursuit of hedonistic pleasures that kept growing as time went on. This led to Dorian becoming a truly evil person by any stretch of the imagination, as he destroyed countless lives of the people who surrounded him. We see examples of men and women who committed suicide because of Dorian’s actions. His psyche is severely disturbed, and through the portrait of himself, Dorian is able to ignore his super-ego, and focus on his id, which is where his sickly desires and wants come from. The portrait was first seen as something that could have a positive effect on him, but as time went by, he became consumed by his evil ways and ended up destroying everything he ever knew.
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