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Corporate Social Responsibility in the banking sector

Corporate Social Responsibility in the banking sector, with footnotes and references. The paper discusses the importance of CSR in today's world, especially after the financial crisis and the scrutiny that banks have had to face since then. The paper analyses the different benefits in incorporating CSR projects in banks.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility has become an increasingly important part of the corporate body and it calls for corporations to conduct their activities in a socially responsible manner. There has been a major increase in the interest and expectations of a lot of stakeholders:investors, employees, consumers, governments, and communities, and as a result, businesses are assuming the frontline position, ensuring their continued support of and commitment to the needs of the community and the environment. The concept of CSR is becoming increasingly important nowadays because the business’s role in society is becoming much more important than it was before. The social and environmental concerns about how businesses do business and how they affect the community and environment in which they conduct their business are not new.Recently, and in order for businesses to achieve and maintain competitive advantage, they not only care about the bottom line and their economic and financial obligations, but also care ...

... practices and how ethically companies are operating due to the demand for more transparency and better decision making from corporations. (Ghardwaj, G. Et al 2011) . Customers are now avoiding companies that fail to offer benefits to the society in which they operate in altogether. Banks must now take this chance to completely rebuild their image and focus on providing services in an ethical and sustainable approach in order to ensure the benefit of society, and the success of their business together.
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