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Effects of seasonality on employment within the hospitality industry

Kenyan Hospitality industry has been suffering greatly due to seasonal variations characterized by low tourist numbers in May- July and pick season between September to April. This has resulted to massive job loses during low seasons and repeated recruitment during high seasons. This trend has had adverse effects in the job security of Kenyan employees in this sector and pose a headache to human resource personnel because they have to recruit during high season to meet the demand and cut the number of employees in low seas0on so as to reduce the wage bill

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Download the original attachment       Effects of seasonality on employment within the hospitality industry    By [STUDENT NAME] [STUDENT NUMBER]                                  Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION   This chapter highlights the following, the back ground of the study, statement of the problem, research objectives, research questions, scope of the study and ...

... will be handed to the places and collected within a six weeks period. This operation has been fully authorized by the Kenya Association of Hotel Caterers (KAHC) and to be carried independently in the selected destinations. 5. Data Analysis   Frequency tables will be used to analysis the findings due to their ease in compilation and interpretation. There will also be a tabular presentation of the findings.
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