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World War 1

outline of the major events of the war that led to the armistice in 1918. Acknowledges both allied and German sides

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3. What were the main provisions of the Treaty of Versailles? The Treaty of Versailles was a result of the Paris Peace Conference of January 1919 where thirty-two nations met to decide on a peace treaty with the defeated Germany although Germany and new Russian government representatives were excluded from the negotiations. The Germans signed the treaty on the 28th of June 1919 even though it placed harsh restrictions on all factors of trade, territory, defence and government for Germany. The treaty became known as a ‘ditkat’ by the German people, meaning ‘vengeful’ peace treaty, as the people felt their government had been deceived and forced to sign the document as they previously understood that it would have ...

... power of Europe as his policy meant the splitting up of the old empires of Ottoman and Habsburg. Lloyd George also supported the French view of secret treaties and the continuation of the naval blockade around Germany. Ultimately Lloyd George wanted peace in Europe; however he saw no possibility of this happening if he did not place himself between Clemenceau and Wilson. His influence on the Treaty of Versailles was that Germany ended up with a moderate “punishment”, a compromise between Wilson’s clemency and Clemenceau’s vengeance. Later in 1919 when Lloyd George was asked how he thought he had handled the negotiation process he replied “Not badly, considering I was seated between Jesus Christ and Napoleon”.
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World War I.


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