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World War 1

outline of the major events of the war that led to the armistice in 1918. Acknowledges both allied and German sides

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Outline the events from both the Allied and German side that led to the Armistice of 1918 At the start of 1918, Germany still had a real chance of victory. Russia had just surrendered and the German high commands were planning a massive offensive, named ‘Operation Michael’ later to be known as the German spring offensive. The Kaiser and his military leaders knew that this was to be their last bet at victory and so they planned to concentrate all their efforts in this five-stage strategy. The importance of a quick victory was essential due to the crumbling state of Germany’s economy, home front and discipline within the forces. At first it seemed that Germany would succeed however in July, the Ally mounted a massive counter ...

... major cause for Germany’s downfall. Due to the combination of the above factors, and the situation of the German home front, Germany recognises their immanent defeat and calls for a negotiated peace. On the days that led up to November 11th, Germany began to experience the start of a revolution. On November 3rd the sailors mutinied at Keil, displaying a huge disciplinary breakdown within the forces. Germany also experiences political turmoil throughout the start of November which, in conjecture with pressure from the United States, causes the forced abdication and fleeing of the Kaiser on November 9th. Germany is defeated and signed the armistice on the 11th of November 1918.
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World War I.


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