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competitive market analysis

The essay is about the global brand Coca-cola. it starts by highlighting the history of the brand, its marketing strategies, its target markets and what it has done to enable it remain a market leader in the beverage industry. the reserved paper also highlights the main competitors of the brand by examining their marketing strategies and their profileCoca-Cola’s success is largely attributed to its branding strategies which focus on the changing market realities and consumer sophistication. The brand has also adopted a global marketing, local manufacturing approach to suit different demand patterns in various parts of the world. All of the brand’s marketing programs are based on local consumer insights s.

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RUNNING HEAD: Competitive Market Analysis Competitive Market Analysis Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Competitive Market Analysis Coca Cola is a carbonated soft drink which is sold in stores, vending machines and restaurants in almost every country, in the world. Coca Cola was trademarked in 1887 in the late 19th century. This period was characterised by the legal protection of brand names and trademarks, and manufactures saw the need to ...

... all the marketing mix elements. Their wide scale distribution strategy has also made it known all over the world. It has distinguished itself from competitors at the same time continuing to offer consumers new sets of brand values. Coca Cola’s main strength is their bottling plants that have enabled them to do business at a global scale, at the same time retaining their local approach.
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