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on political dynasty

This research is made by the author to find a possible solution to the problem of the Philippines concerning its political dynasty. It has been an existing problem since the 1900’s or the time when the Filipino people became aware of their political rights. With this awareness began their longing and desire to have a position in the politics and serve the people of the Philippines of whatsoever need they have. With this simple aim came the intention of others, specifically the power-hungry ones, to rule the political positions on their hands. By then began the dark era in the politics of the Philippines. Politicians became hungry and selfish for power that some of them never aimed to go down from their positions. They lusted for power and dominion over others making politics a business making propagandas to improve livelihood and beautifully phrased programs and platforms their decoys. Although there were some others who remained faithful in serving the people, still the population of the wrong-intended politicians out-numbers them. What the author would like to convey to the readers is that it must be made clear that the cause of some of the problems that our nation faces do not lie on poverty or the scarcity of resources but on the government-leaders also. We need to be aware of the rights that we have, and the disfunctionality of some of our laws stated in our beloved constitution.

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