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impact of delegation

About the impact of delegation of authority to organization performance.

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AN ANALYSIS OF THE FACTORS AFFECTING DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY IN AN ORGANIZATION PERFORMANCE (A case study of Githongo tea factory) Abstract Job delegation is a common practice in public firms. This comes due to needs like high demand of production of execution of duties. This active calls for selection of people who have the ability to execute the duties effectively and with no efficiency. It is faced with problems such as deviation or diverting of organizational goals, inefficiency, misconception of the motives of delegation of authority, abuse of authority, inadequate skills in the person to who authority is delegated. If well harnessed, delegation of authority has more positive impacts than the few challenges above. These include preparation for future succession programmes of the company, motivation of the staff, specialization in the field of qualification, an opportunity to learn more, a base for promotion, a tool towards self-actualization etc. The researcher is convinced that the research project will reach many organizations both in public and ...

... observed that research proposal is vital in the research project when it will come to field work because:
i. It will help me in collecting / gathering of the materials in need for the whole work e.g. the aid of budgets
ii. Time-frame will very useful in controlling the time usage, to keep time within the deadlines
iii. The areas to cover in the research work are highlighted and new insights identified in the study.
iv. Through the aid of research proposal much information will be derived due to the direction of the main areas of concern in the topic delegation of authority
v. The organized questionnaire will be used to ensure that most of the important information is obtained from the research respondents
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