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Business and Some Unethical and Questionable Business Practices

This work contains an intelligent discussion of the various unethical and questionable practices prevalent in the world of business. Explanations and illustrations of these practices are in this essay.

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BUSINESS AND SOME UNETHICAL AND QUESTIONABLE PRACTICES It is almost impossible to make a complete list of all cases involving unethical and questionable practices of which business firms and businessmen are guilty. The reason is simple. The number and kinds are not only large but still continue to grow without any let-up making society gasp, if not placing it in a total state of shock. Thus, at best this paper shall be confined only to some of the most flagrant ones that bring about the oft-repeated questions, “Where is our society going to?” “Is our society going back to the age of savagery where dog eats dog, where the law that is supreme is the law of the jungle, where might is right?” These and other questions are wanting of satisfactory answer which probably would be difficult to find. Some Unethical and Questionable Practices Let us focus attention on the many unethical and questionable practices that at times are also observed in homes, offices, stores, schools, market places, banks and some government agencies and bureaus. In the Home. Many a time when the telephone in the house rings and ...

... booty. In other instances, the materials are of inferior quality and therefore cost less. Sometimes, in order to make contractor toe the line, checks covering payments for the delivered materials are not released immediately even if such checks have already been processed and signed. Here again, those in charge of the release of the checks get a part of the grease money. This is one reason why a number of businessmen are altogether unwilling to enter into contracts with the government. There is not only too much red tape but also a lot of money that must be distributed to so many hands before collection can be made. Sometimes, some unscrupulous government officials are not content merely with the receipt of money but they also demand something grossly immoral, that is, that they be provided with women for their carnal pleasure.
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