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This bench was right in the middle of town

An essay about discovery, observation, and personal discovery. The essay takes place in Port Townsend Wa. in the historical downtown district. You can learn alot if your looking.....

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Discreet On the Street This bench is right in the middle of downtown- One of many lining the streets of Port Townsend, Washington. I have been here shopping and dining before, yet I have never really focused on the sights. My location is perfect for people watching. Busy shops and restaurants are on every corner surrounding this bench. There are very old buildings beyond-which bear painted advertisements from days of old, faded by time, on their mediocre masonry. This bench faces toward the water. (Which can be helpful when you need to rest your eyes from observing too much hustle and ...

... because I have not told him that I am people watching too. I reach into my pocket and dig out $5.17 and my last four smokes and hand them to him. Genuinely thanking me, he smiles for the first time since we met as he turns away and disappears around the corner past the antique store. I sit there realizing that I am not as good as I thought I was at observing people and describing it. Adam can see far beyond people’s clothing.
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