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Boeing vs. NLRB

This paper is an economic evaluation of the National Labor Relations Board's attempt to subdue Boeing's efforts to build an additional 787 Dreamliner plant in right-to-work state of South Carolina and attempt to force the reconstruction in the forced union state of Washington.

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Table of contents

I. Executive Summary
II. Economic Evaluation of Costs
III. Why South Carolina?
IV. The National Labor Relations Board Intervention
V. Conclusion

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Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner: An Economic Evaluation Executive Summary Boeing was smart and acted with good foresight in building the Dreamliner 787 plant in North Carolina instead of Washington State when considered in terms of economic reasoning. Many decisive factors contributed to the economic decision making of Boeing Co. to build their plant in the state of South Carolina, but the biggest factor was union labor laws. The underlying reason for Boeing’s desire to avoid labor laws and union striking was costs, which is the foremost motivating force for most business decisions. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to decrease costs because lower costs of goods sold means increased income with no change in revenue (Thomas & Maurice, 2011). These ...

... government intervention is the power given to the NLRB if they do win. At what point will they reach the limit of their power? Will all right-to-work states become inable to create new jobs withouth having to move them to unionized states? What kind of inneficiencies will this create in an already struggling superpower economy that the U.S. is? Are we a democracy or are we slowly becoming a socialist society?
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