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Total quality management in banking industry

What is Total Quality Management ? Total Quality Management is a process which emphases that quality should be managed into the system. It should always be oriented towards the achievement of complete customer satisfaction.

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TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN BANKING INDUSTRY TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN BANKING INDUSTRY There is misconception among bankers that banks are in the finance industry, and not in a service industry. Thus they concentrate on financial process rather than service quality. All resources of banks are devoted more to managing assets and cash rather than managing customers and service. In fact most bank systems are designed to control customers rather than providing service to the customer. A large bank may have as many as three full time directors for guarding its assets, but no one to take care of customers service and complaints. Indian banks usually give very low priority to customer service and satisfaction and this task is entrusted. The bank’s ...

... time to achieve results. The five S practice not only helps to impress the customers but also to establish effective quality processes for good services and products. Five S is a part of the Kaizen family that thinks about continuous innovation. The Japanese invented it. But it has been adopted by a number of non-Japanese companies ranging from computer giant Hewlett Packard to legendary motorcycles maker Harley Davidson. In India companies like Hindustan Lever practice the principles of five S under the umbrella of their efficiency and quality initiative, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Other Indian companies that have taken up five S include Bhel (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) and the Aditya Birla group. -----------------------
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