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Relationship between OCB’s and Diversity

Relation between OCB and diversity, The paper investigates the workplace diversity and its relationship with organization citizenship behaviour (OCB).Organization Citizenship behaviour is nothing but a kind of performance which stimulates psychological environment of organization. Through this paper it has been explore how diversity of gender, race, religion or educational backgrounds impact OCBs directly or indirectly through variables such as job satisfaction and how such OCBs influence the diversity and various diversity management initiatives.

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Organization Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) has been defined as any act that is optional and does not directly come under the purview of performance management system and that enhances the performance of the organization. But instead of considering this as not necessary for the current role, considering the performance as in-role, the new ...

... initiatives and thus organizational effectiveness. The author has found that diversity can be used as a force that leads to constructive competition if diversity of the individuals is respected and their skills and abilities are understood. At the same time, if the organization lacks in directing the diversity initiatives properly, these can create division in the organization.
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