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fiftieth Gate

It is an essay on the Fiftieth gate and also includes a related text, a visual represntation for School. This was edited by an english teacher from James Ruse High school so it's pretty good.

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Intro-both texts introduced and their connection to the Holocaust

Preview of the essay: fiftieth Gate

Question: how has your set text challenged your understanding of “History and Memory”? History has been created over the ages and recorded by certain figures in the world. Although it is believed that history predominantly is indisputable, due to the documents that have been discovered of certain events regarding dating and where it occurred. However the real case is that those documents are only one person’s perspective on the ...

... his parent’s memories forms an essential part of Baker’s search for the past, he is caught between satisfying his need and feeling guilty for takin possession of their memories evident in his position in regards to his mother’s memories, “ for me, it is a search that had begun one year earlier. No, not a search, an obsession, a raid on my mother’s memory, a son’s theft of her past”.
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