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Women and Education

An analysis of relationship between sexism and formal schooling, also addresses the question on the relationship of being a man and a woman with respect to education.

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Women and Education This article examines sexism in formal education/schooling. In particular, it considers whether the status and function of the two sexes in society are to be distinguished. If they are, and if girls/women do have status and function of their own, is there is a need for formal education designed exclusively for their status and function? Given the current debate on women’s liberation, what may be offered as a Christian position on the broad question of the relationship between man and woman and its implications fro education? This article addresses these questions and provides, as/a specific illustration, details about the education of girls in the Philippines. The question of whether the sexes are equal, in the sense of being either the same or complementary to each other, but with neither subordinate to the other, is not new. It began, as is often suggested, with Eve in the Garden of Eden. The first act of disobedience, performed by a woman, brought sin and death on the entire human race. Since then, God’s verdict on Eve’s position and function, and consequently on present day woman, has been summed up in Genesis 3:16: “I will greatly ...

... is now secured and His righteous demands are met, but as people living in time, such perfection is not possible now. There is need for some human notions of order, rules, regulations, subjugation, domination, subordination, chain of command, and so on, which are extraneous to the concept love, are sometimes employed, rightly or wrongly, to facilitate order. In the Kingdom of God the point that matters is not whether the followers are females and the leaders are males but whether the followers are females and the its communicants is one of love, an expression of God’s love. This love constitutes submission to one another and provides glimpses of God’s original plan of perfect harmony and unity. On what grounds may we claim to be superior over others?
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