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The Stolen Generations

Australia's 'The Stolen Generations' is about the Australian governments actions against the first people who owned this land how they stole their children and forced them to be virtual slaves. Forced removal from their families, culture and lands to assimilate them into becoming white like them. All they did was commit an act of genocide against the aboriginal race.

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Table of contents

Introduction 4
Colonisation 5
Protection and Segregation 5
The Aborigines Protection Act (1909) 6
Forced removal 7
Cootamundra Girls Home 9
Native Welfare Conference in 1937 10
Assimilation 10
Governments Lack of Understanding 11
Bringing Them Home report 13
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Report - April 1997 13
Continued Impact 14
National Apology 15
Sorry to the Stolen Generation 16
The Sorry Speech 16
Compensation 17
Acts of Genocide 17
Conclusion 19
Referencing 20

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Aboriginal children have been forcibly separated from their families and communities since the very first days of the British invasion. Violent battles over rights to land and food and water sources, characterised race relations in the nineteenth century. Since the first white settlers had arrived in 1788, they had tried to impose their own values, customs and beliefs onto the Aboriginal people who they referred to as savages.
Protection and Segregation
Aboriginal people were forced onto reserves from the 1850s onwards; their traditional way of life was eroded even further. They were not allowed to have Aboriginal names or continue their traditional customs. Then in the mid-20th century, as many Aboriginals were forced off the reserves and into towns and cities, they were expected to leave their beliefs and traditions behind them. The Aboriginal Protection Board ...

... Generation is the end result of a white government’s policy to assimilated Aboriginal children into white families hoping to make their skin whiter over the generations to come. Forcibly removing the children was the government’s way to stop the next generation of children not to be savages but a civilised white people like them.....that was their giant mistake.
Failed welfare policies, all the government did was to cause years of heartache and pain to those stolen children, as they grew up, and inflicting them with emotional and physical scars for life by taking them away from their land and culture and parents. The Australian government violated international law by committing acts of genocide.
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