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this is about project management. in this assignment the author has included different project management techniques and tools that can be followed. it also includes different motivational theories.

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Table of contents


1. Project Specification Document & WBS 3

• Project Specification Document 3

• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 5

2. Gantt Chart & Network Diagram 6

• Gantt chart 6

• Network Diagram 8

3. Cash Flow Report 9


1. Maslow, McClelland & Herzberg Theories 11

• Maslow’s Theory 11

• Herzberg’s Theory 12

• McClelland’s Theory 14

2. Project Risk Management 15

3. Quality Management 17

References 19

Preview of the essay: assignment

1. Develop a project specification document for this project which might be used to form a contract between the project implementation team and Frances Vacances senior management. A Work Breakdown structure should be included as well.

This section includes the project specification document that is developed to provide an overview of some of the key aspects of the project. It also includes a work breakdown structure that is used to define the different aspects on which the project has been divided.
The project specification document is a developed to develop and provide an overall image of the project as a whole. The project specification documents includes following aspects that are related to the project development and implementation:-
- Overview of the project
- Objectives
- Project Deliverables
- Project estimation (financial & duration)
- Risks associated with the project
Overview of the Project
The project is about the development, implementation and maintenance of a computer based system for a UK based travel company Frances Vacances. The project for the development of the system has been contracted to E-Con Consultancy Company.
The main purpose behind the project is to develop a new and improved computerised booking system that will be equipped with the tools to enhance the existing features of the system. The company is selling ...

... deliverables of the project to assess whether the set standards are met or not. The quality control process is carried out throughout the project. Some of the appropriate methods that can be adapted for quality control process include reviewing of the deliverables via self review or peer review and assessing the deliverables.
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance phase lies at the centre of the quality management approach. Quality assurance can be defined as a systematic and structured set of activities that are performed to identify and assess the variations in the processes along with carrying out continual improvements.
The appropriate steps that will be taken to ensure the quality of the product are listed as below:-
- Identification of the relevant standards by the project management team. These standards must be in accordance with the ones that are required by the client.
- Performing the quality control process by collecting and analysing the results of the different phases of the project continuously to know the level up to which the developed standards have met the set ones.
- Quality assurance phase will be performed using the following tools and methodologies:-
o Conducting process analysis and root cause analysis for the identification of main problems.
o Conduction of independent evaluations to know the degree of compliance among the set and actual standards.
o Auditing will also be done to meet the desired standards.
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