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Nextech case study

Harvard Case Analysis for Nextech Analysis. Full case analysis including the worksheets. This has a human resources slant, who should be promoted? The dilemma is to promote the "best" candidate or fulfill the requirements of the Employment Equities Act.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Definition of Problem 1
Analysis of Causes 1
External Environment 1
Internal Environment 2
HR Planning 3
HR Practices 3
HR Supply and Demand 4
HR Succession Management 4
Strategic Issues 4
1. How will Nextech attract more individuals from minority groups? 4
2. Is Nextech salary pay system fair and equitable without bias? 4
3. Will fulfilling the requirements of the Employment Equities Act reduce the amount of qualified personnel? 4
Alternatives 5
Alternative 1 5
Alternative 2 5
Alternative 3 5
Evaluation of Alternatives 5
Alternative 1 5
Alternative 2 6
Alternative 3 6
Criteria Analysis 6
Selection of Alternative 7
Implementation 7
0 to 3 months: 7
3 to 6 months: 8
6 to 12 months: 8
12 to 24 months: 9
Appendix A: SWOT: Assessing strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats 10
Appendix B : Industry key success factors – External environment 11
Appendix C: Driving forces of change – external environment 12
Appendix D: Analyzing competitive forces an industry 13
Appendix E: Political, economical, social and technological (PEST) 14
Appendix F: Porter’s Five Forces Model – External Environment 15
Appendix G: The five generic competitive strategies 16
Appendix H:  Tests of a winning strategy- internal environment 17
Appendix I :  Gap Analysis – assessing HR resource gaps 18
Appendix J: Graduate Recruiting 19

Preview of the essay: Nextech case study

Nextech Inc. is in the process of making staffing changes. The second- level manager, Adam Blackburn, needs to decide which of his first level managers he will recommend for the promotion. With the implementation of the Employment Equity Act, the decision that Adam is facing presents a challenge because women in particular are underrepresented at Nextech. In Calgary, Nextech is a high-profile employer. It is one of the most dynamic flexible companies in its industry. It has managed to always keep ahead of the ever changing technological advancements. Due to the multi- leveled departments career mobility can be easily achieved. Promotions and advancements are consistent because of the interactions between Nextech and its parent company. The current issue at Nextech is selecting a candidate for the second level manager. Following the analysis of causes, three alternatives have developed. From the pool of seven potential alternatives, the choices are narrowed down to three: Laura, Natalie or Jozef. The final recommendation based on the analysis of the three alternatives is Josef. Josef is clearly the best candidate for the promotion. He has the best technical skills and abilities ...

... quantitative analysis approach indicates that Jozef is clearly the best candidate for the promotion. He is a well-rounded individual with strong abilities. He has the technical and managerial skills that are required to transition easily into this new position.
Promoting Jozef does not improve the inequality of the workforce. Currently, there is not a female employee that can be promoted. It is in the best interest for Nextech to revise management training program for its female candidates.
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