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Marketing critique

The article, is written by Cate Corcoran, a journalist and the technology editor at Women’s Wear Daily, where she writes about the intersection of technology, fashion and business. She is interested in the anthropology of everyday life, particularly fashion and the cultural meaning and effects of social media. The article reports on the move of fashion companies as they improve and deepen their strategies from social media networks Facebook and Twitter, blogs and other social media networks. The companies are determining the content which is aimed at multiple platforms and networks of people who add up to more than the sum of its parts. It notes that Twitter is often used for news and discounts while Facebook is favorite for conversations.The article reports that the growing adoption of social media Web sites changes the marketing and public relations of many brands. It emphasizes that many businesspeople see social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly, the growing various fashion social networks as public relations venues to connect with their clients through the engaging content and strategies they develop.

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Fashion brands and their adoption of social media is the topic de jour. The article is addressing a very common and growing trend among international fashion brands. As fashion has a very short PLC (product life cycle), many brands have taken the opportunity and utilized social media in several ways, the most prevalent being advertising. The main idea of the article is that engagement is becoming more effective in advertising than monologues and its affecting order and design, therefore, this trend is pushing brands to create their identity. Fashion ...

... buy online. Many companies combat this shortfall by employing rigorous return policies and in-store pickups The article makes building a brand seem easy although in reality Internet marketing is a competitive field where thousands of products with same brand name fighting for online visibility. So getting good visibility and ranking for your keyword is strenuous. Finally, I thought that the Gap example was too brief, the author didn’t elaborate on how they implemented their strategy, so it wasn’t so clear what exactly they were intending on doing.
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