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Relationship Between Language and Culture

Culture and language are two inseparable entities. You cannot divorce one apart from the other. The relationship between language and culture is presented in this essay.

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Relationship Between Language and Culture Introduction Language is a part of culture, yet it is more than that. It is central to culture since it is the means through which is most of culture is learned and communicated. As we shall see below when a group begin to lose its language, its cultural tapestry starts to unravel. Infants learn the language and simultaneous acquire the culture of the society into which they are born. Only humans have the biological capacity for language, which allows them to communicate cultural ideas and symbolic meanings from one generation to the next and to constantly create new cultural ideas. The capacity for language separates humans from other primates. In any language, an infinite number of possible sentences can be constructed and used to convey an infinite number of cultural ideas. Because of this, human language is significantly different from any other system of animal communication. THE STRUCTURE OF LANGUAGE Like culture, language is patterned. However, language is primarily arbitrary in nature. As the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Sausurre (1915) pointed out his study of language, the units that carry meaning are two – sided. One side is ...

... express power varies from culture. The holders of greatest power must be the ones who possess the ability to restrain themselves physically, linguistically and often in the expression of emotion exactly because it is superior restraint that culturally and ideologically defines their power, enabling them to properly exercise it. While people in the underclass and in positions of powerlessness express their opposition and resistance by means of certain linguistic styles.

Language is as important aspect of the construction of cultural identity. Like the cultures of African-American English, they are seen by some as a symbol of slave mentality in particular by members of the Nation of Islam and by others as a symbol of resistance to slavery and oppression.

It is apparent that culture, as the totality of human’s way of living and as an imbued set of behaviors and modes of perception, become highly important in language. A language is part of a culture and a culture is part of a language; the two are intricately interwoven so that we can not separate the two without losing the significance of either the language or the culture.
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