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Symbolic Systems and Meaning

Analysis of symbols and their meaning, significance and impact to a particular society and which permeate existing social institutions.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
The Symbolism of Food 2
Social Groups and Their Symbols 3
The Symbolic Meaning of Space 4
Symbols, Politics and Authority 5
Symbolism of Sport 6
End Notes 7

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SYMBOLIC SYSTEMS AND MEANING INTRODUCTION People’s behavior is framed according to a set of symbols or cultural ideas. That set of ideas constitutes the overall design of the tapestry. In order to understand their economic behavior, their political behavior, and their social behavior, one must understand the system of cultural meanings which permeate these institutions. The analysis of symbols deals with the meanings of things in a culture—the meanings of words, the meanings of actions, and the meanings of objects. In addition to involving meaning, symbols are also expressive and convey emotion. Metaphor, a kind of symbol, is an important analytical concept used by anthropologists in the study of symbolic systems. A metaphor is an ...

... on their own by beating out their opponents in head to head competitions.

A sport that originated in one culture spreads to another culture; it makes take on a completely different set of symbolic meanings


Colors are frequently associated with emotional states and sometimes with other meaningful messages as well. Like red brings about emotional arousal on the part of the viewer. But this means “stop” or don’t go in American society.

These symbols, the colors are part of the larger category of color symbolism in our society. Hair is one of these. Red hair means a fiery temper. However, Edmund Lech has pointed out that, in a number of widely separate cultures. The symbolism of hair is quite overt.
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