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Tourism Management

As is known, no one can live a life without connect with others. Actually, people all network to some degree, and people do benefit from networking to some extent. Therefore, this paper will present a general idea on the definition of networking and explain the importance of networking. Then, a concluded five points on how to be a good networker may give you some inspirations. In addition, three networking organisations related to my career aspirations is discussed in details in the following papers. At last, three "like-minded" students be introduced to you and summarised information on their interviews have been included in the paper. Besides, some photos and screen capture of the organizations websites are also attached to this paper.

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Table of contents

1. Executive Summary 1
Table of Content 2
2. Introduction to the Importance of Networking 3
2.1 Be a Good Listener 4
2.2 Be Yourself and A Sincere Desire to Help Others 4
2.3 Take Chances and Spend Time on Networking 5
2.4 Be Patient and Persistent 6
2.5 Be Willing to Receive 6
3. Networking Organisation Related to My Career Aspirations 7
3.1 Networking Organisation — CPA Australia 7
3.1.1 General Purpose 7
3.1.2 Contact Details and Joining Fees 8
3.1.3 Example of Functions 9
3.2 Networking Organisation — ACCA 9
3.2.1 General Purpose 10
3.2.2 Contact Details and Joining Fees 10
3.2.3 Example of Functions 10
3.3 Networking Organisation — CIMA 11
3.3.1 General Purpose 11
3.3.2 Contact Details and Joining Fees 12
3.3.3 Example of Functions 12
4. Network Person — Zhang Ningning 13
4.1 Courses she is doing 13
4.2 Her Interests 13
4.3 Things she feels Strongly About 13
4.4 Career Aspiration 14
4.5 Time, Place and Agenda for the next Meeting 14
5. Network Person — Yan Yunong 14
5.1 Courses she is doing 14
5.2 Her Interests 15
5.3 Things she feels Strongly About 15
5.4 Career Aspiration 15
5.5 Time, Place and Agenda for the next Meeting 15
6. Network Person — Jiang Hao 16
6.1 Courses she is doing 16
6.2 His Interests 16
6.3 Things she feels Strongly About 16
6.4 Career Aspiration 17
6.5 Time, Place and Agenda for the next Meeting 17
7. Conclusion 17
8. Refernences 18

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There is no doubt that one of the most effective methods to get on in business relys on networking. For many entrepreneurs networking is a must to build your contact list the fastest way possible. After all, networking is one of the least expensive, most effective forms of marketing that you can do. Networking is powerful because it is access to information.The more people are involved in our network the more information we can make use of - if we can make a visit or contact to the people in our network regularly. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.(MySalary, 2005) Thus, networking seems to play a very important role in people's every day social life, and no one can really do things exactly all by his or her own without connect with other people.

Networking can be defined as "a supportive system of sharing information ...

... diplomatic career and international peaceful relationship, at meanwhile, he also can make friends and travel all over the world and maybe someday he would make friends with Beckham.
6.5 Time, Place and Agenda for the next Meeting
We plan to find another two good friends to go to Yunnan this summer holiday. So, next Sunday (April 24, 2011), we will have a meeting about some details on our planned trip. We will meet at 14:30 at library, then we will have a big dinner to celebrate our exciting trip.
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