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Language and Culture: A Learning Continuum

Discussion of the relationship between individual personality and culture, how personality affects cultural interaction, behavior, etc.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Language Acquisition and Cultural Acquisition 1
Culture and Personality 3
Child Rearing and Personality 3
Culture and Mental Illness 4
Rebels and Innovator 5
Culture and the Structure of Emotion 5
The Person and the Self 6
End Notes 7

Preview of the essay: Language and Culture: A Learning Continuum

Language and Culture: A Learning Continuum Introduction In the course of the discussion of this paper, I will be talking about the relationship of the individual personality to his or her culture, the range of the personality variation within cultures and how culture deal with individuals whose behavior is outside of the culture’s norm. This will take us into a consideration of how mental illness is defined in a particular culture and the way in which innovators and rebels, whose societies sometime consider them to be mentally ill, are dealt with. Language Acquisition and Cultural Acquisition Language is the primary tool by which children acquire cultural knowledge. It is the medium of socialization and the ...

... moral development between Brahman and “Untouchables” families in Orissa, India, and Judeo-Christian families in Chicago, Illinois, illustrate how the Indian child socialized regarding moral understanding relating to pollution and purity. Menstruating women must remove themselves from physical contact with other people likewise with a menstruating mother. They explain that their state of menstrual pollution is due to their having stepped in dog excrement. “Mara” is an objective force of nature that all women in the world have a moral obligation not to touch other or cook food.
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Benjamin I.

Language and culture are twins. One cannot divorce from the other. A discussion on culture inevitably involves a discussion on culture. I appreciate the presentation of ideas of this essay---well-organized and well-written.

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