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Why the media matter

This essay explains the media's importance. In this essay the author will discuss the importance of understanding the media. The advantages and disadvantages of media which contribute to having an understanding of it becoming an essential will be discussed as well. The topic of why the media matter in each category of influence that being politically socially, culturally,economically and personally will be touched on. The author also saughts to reveal why engagement with the media is important in order to produce a just society.

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Preview of the essay: Why the media matter

Why the media matter The media plays an integral role in society today. Therefore, it is essential to understand the media in order to determine the role of the media producers and the effect on the subsequent consumers. Continual improvements in information and communication technologies provide individuals with ...

... established that there are negative aspects of communication such as content bias and media ownership it is imperative that audience engage in the media, not only by varying exposure to media content, but by interacting with media broadcasters through the channels provided for a fairer society.
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