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Argumentation and Debate: Concepts, Distinctions and Principles

Discussion of the different principles and concepts in argumentation and debate including the role argumentation and debate play in a democratic society.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Some Distinctions 1
The Role of Argumentation and Debate 6
Bibliography 7

Preview of the essay: Argumentation and Debate: Concepts, Distinctions and Principles

Argumentation and Debate: Concepts, Distinctions and Principles Introduction One reason man is considered superior over all other creations is his reasoning power. Nothing, not even the most modern of machines, comes closer to his prowess in oral attack. It is this ability to rationalize that empowers man to set foot in the arena of gallant knights whose shining armors are not swords or shields but argument and evidence. This arena is none other than argumentation and debate in which the warriors who emerge victorious are those armed with a weapon of clear and systematic thinking. Argumentation refers to a form of communication where in a speaker uses a reason-giving discourse in order to seek acceptance of a particular claim advanced by others. On the other hand, debate is a formal oral controversy between two opposing teams one of which attempts to persuade or ...

... accept or reject belief, and, since no man today is ever free from the necessity of defending his own beliefs or of influencing others to reject or modify their beliefs, debate, as an art, is not only valuable to lawyers and politicians, but is just as valuable to all men, whatever their occupations may chance to be”. The study of debate is valuable; because it trains men in quick and accurate thinking; because it develops in them the qualities of assurance and self-reliance; because it enables them to rise to positions of leadership among their fellowmen'. 'It is noble,' said Cicero,' to excel man all other animals.' And Disraeli said, 'With words we govern men.'
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