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Environmental Pollution

Pollution is one of the world's greatest dilemma's amidst the civilization's march to progress and industrialization. This paper analyzes the various sources of environmental pollution.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Air-Basic Essential for Survival 2
Types of Air Pollutants, Sources and Central Techniques 3
Starting an Effective School Recycling Program 21
Lax Enforcement of Laws on Pollution Control 24
Metro Manila Crisis 26
Other Environmental Effects of a Nuclear War 28
Anti Pollution Programs 29

Preview of the essay: Environmental Pollution

ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION   Introduction Pollution is defined as “any change or alteration in the physical chemical or biological aspects of properties of water and air which will likely affect human health.” It is the introduction of any poisonous fuel or dangerous elements in the environment called pollutants. This comes from various sources like motor vehicles and industrial fumes, toxic waste coming from plastics, paints, pesticides, expired medicine. Cements, plant fertilizer factories, power plants, asbestos plants, mining industries, metal processing foundries, households with limited waste disposal systems and septic tank sludge.           As pollution increases in an alarming rate and the Philippines becomes more and more world urbanized and industrialized, the attendant problem of pollution arises. The intensity of land use exerts pressure on the local water sources and alters climatic and surface features. Solid and water waste disposal becomes a nagging problem. It is not surprising that early in the morning, one sees the sky gray and smog. The National Pollution Control Commission reports that air in Metro Manila is getting to be more toxic everyday. The jeepney and other smoke-belching vehicles in Metro Manila are considered the number one pollution agents as revealed by ...

... a thorough dredging of esteros , the anti belching drive. “Operation Clean and Green” by planting trees and proper garbage disposal, the Clean Air Act , the Solid Management Act , the Green Briggade and Bantay Kalikasan ,Anti littering campaign and Garbage Education in all levels in the school system.

Another internationalist group known as the Greenpeace is also active in addressing the anti pollution of the government .

To safeguard an protect the environment against pollution, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Anti Pollution Action Committee are tasked to provide a clean environment in rural and urban areas.
This action of the government is laudable plan to control pollution that is real threat to human lives. The question of how effective enforcement of laws can be carried out remains to be seen.
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