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Development Objectives and Policy

Development objectives and policies are necessary in nation-building and globalization processes. This essay discusses development policies, their nature and impact in a country.

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Introduction 1
The Nature of Development Objectives 2
Development Policy 2
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Development Objectives and Policy Introduction The objectives and policy on development are embodied in the constitution and in the body of laws, executive orders and memoranda that have been issued to direct he operation of the economic sector. As the term objective suggests, it is what is be attained. Hence it is the purpose behind the action. Economic objective is therefore the actionable statement of what and how much is to be accomplished. In line with the economic are the policies which are the guide to action. Economic development policy is the statement of the ways and means of attaining economic development. The Nature of Development Objectives Development objectives are the key reasons behind the actions in the economy. They provide the basis for the setting up of programs and projects of the public sector and the spirit behind the incentives and facilitation for the growth of the private sector. The nature of economic development objectives become better understood when viewed from what they generally aim accomplishes some of which are follows: 1. Full-employment- development is geared towards the emergence of an economy that can ...

... On the other hand, the removal of any protection will make the domestic market subjects to the international supply and pricing movements which will enable the foreign sector to dictate the condition in the domestic economy. (Chenery, 1986).

The determination of what policy to adopt will be based on the following ideas. If the country specializes in the production of goods that it can produce efficiently, it is maximizing its comparative advantages. If however, the policy is to diversify industry and protect those that are inefficient vis-à-vis the world market, the policy is to sustain comparative disadvantage. The only probable justification for diversification in global production could expansion of trade, ecological balance 7 avoidance inflation also plays an important role in development.
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The discussion is scholarly. When used properly, this essay can be a good guide for crafting public policies assignment.

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